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Did Russia help the 2016 election ?

The Facebook paranoia has made people believe that the company Facebook and Russia helped Donald Trump when the presidential election in 2016. Facebook should have saw the Russia trolls in their data base. They did not change it’s Artificial intelligence . In addition, they did not shut down the program that filters out the fake accounts or the bots with in the system to notice something strange on news feed. This company has been running for 15 years and someone came through a back door to control multiple accounts. I do believe that there was a secret trade algorithm between Russia, Donald Trump and Facebook. Facebook had to set up ads and marketing. Also terms around 2016 election and Donald Trump to gain assets to the votes. I do agree that the algorithms were traded to Russia for 74 more votes than Hillary Clinton.

According to How Secrecy Fuels Facebook Paranoia, “Reports criticizes tech companies for doing the bare minimum to assist in committee’s efforts”. Facebook should have done more to protect the U.S citizens. As well as other counties who have terror attacks. If it is a global website/company I think it should be protected more and not sold for fake markets as business to allocate by the trade of secret algorithms. Since the paranoia of Facebook, people have suspicions concerning the agenda of social media outlets and internet algorithms such as Google, Twitter and YouTube. I believe that less secrecy will reduce paranoia of Facebook and other business platforms.