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Transgender is Beautiful

The creation of the #Transisbeautiful draw people to the conversation. It seems like it was a safe place to open up about their own transition process also supporters joined in. I believe the hashtag was created to let the transgender community know they are beautiful no matter what society had to say. The fact that Laverne Cox is transgender and is a actress, model and activist she was still called a man and other degrading words even through she is a woman. She turned her negative attention to positive motivation. The hashtag has been popular since 2011. #Transisbeautiful is posted with every Instagram post that Laverne shares. She keeps the hashtag active also on Twitter.

The transgender community is changing the world with every march and social media post at a time. They are advocates for human rights such as discrimination based on gender. Someone who may identify themself as transgender are no different from any other individual. So, they also should have the same rights as heterosexuals such as marriage rights, health care, housing, and schools. They are as much human as anyone else, they should be with the one they love. Receive health care assistance especially if they are HIV positive. They should have safe housing and schools in areas to prevent hate crimes. It is not right to take essentials away from a person that changes their identity. But to give benefits to people on visas and not to natural born citizens is flat out wrong. It is basically like the transgender community has to compete with immigrants, and also minorities. These group of people have more rights than the transgender community. Which is unfair and one day they will be seen as equal.

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