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Claflin University enforces parking and the café has a low attendance rate.

Claflin University recently has been enforcing parking permits. No one can park on campus or the gym without the proper decal. There has been security at all parking lots checking for the permits if a student does not have one they’re redirected somewhere else.

“There are 800 parking spaces and 150 spaces that are not sold” Dr. Durant exclaimed.

The new Health and Wellness gym will provide 8 new parking spaces. There is also parking available across from the Jonas Kennedy gym and Claflin place.

Breakfast time currently has the lowest attendance rate.

“You must make time to eat, especially breakfast” Dr. Durant said.

Even if you have a busy schedule the café has carry out as a option a tray is given when a one time payment of $5, then return the tray clean and get another meal.

This plan was put in the last fall.